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Micro Tech Lab advisory service

Our many years of experience, coupled with the extensive expertise we have acquired in microscopy and macroscopy, digital photography and the preservation of microscope specimens, enable us to find optimum solutions for the creation of high quality photos and video recordings for a wide variety of applications.

Although our standard solutions accommodate many requirements and are readily available, we also develop special designs and customised solutions that meet unique customer needs. 

When necessary, we also offer a comprehensive, personal advisory service to respond to individual questions and requirements.

The benefits of personalised advice are clear:

Of course, advice about our own products is always free of charge. Since obtaining expert advice on third-party products (such as cameras or microscopes) or (such as ways to improve image quality or selecting optimum camera settings) generally demands lots of time and work, the advisory service we provide in these areas carries a charge. If you would like to take advantage of this type of service, please contact us. We would be pleased to give you the details of our advisory service fees in advance

high quality image fruit fly

Customised advice is often requested for the following topics: