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                                           LMScope Product Overview

LM microscope adapters   

     LM digital adapters for connecting microscopes to digital cameras

     Online product finder

     Ready-made solutions for most microscopes

     Customised adapter solutions for special purposes

     Quality features of the LM digital adapters

LM adapter solutions for microscope and DSLR DSLM, ideal solution, optimal product





LM DSLR Macroscopes: Magnification up to 42x

     LM Macroscope 42x

LM Makroskop


LM Photo Microscope: Magnification up to 560x
LM Photo Microscope photomicroscope
LM Macro Lenses: Magnification up to 12x
LM macro lenses, cheap macroscopy solution, high quality

Mounting media for microscopy

     Confocal-UV-Matrix ®

     Hydro-Matrix ®

     Syn-Matrix ®


Mounting Media for microscopy

Consultancy services

Consultancy services
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