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Sony ZV-E10: a quality vlog camera for use with a microscope

When it comes to use with a microscope, Sony’s ZV-E10 vlog camera scores with large sensors, a built-in microphone and easy handling for online communication and live streaming. The ZV-E10 also features an E-mount interchangeable lens system, which, together with our LM microscope adapter with integrated precision optics, enables easy mounting of the camera to almost any microscope.

Sony Vlog ZV-E10 camera

Vlog cameras are designed specifically for video bloggers who want to upload and share content on their blogs and social media channels. Fast and uncomplicated connectivity to mobile devices and computers is a key requirement in a vlogging camera, as is easy streaming. To meet these requirements, Sony provides a variety of tools and apps designed to increase productivity and streamline workflow. These vlog camera features are also highly beneficial when the camera is used with a microscope, both for mobile tasks and in a stationary lab setting.

The Sony ZV-E10 has an interchangeable lens mount system with an E-mount connection, which can be used to attach the camera body directly to the LM microscope adapter, which has a built-in optical element. We can offer a high-quality, professional adapter solution for almost any microscope. The most straightforward solution is to connect the camera directly to the phototube of the microscope, for example the microscope’s C-mount connection or the standard 23.2 mm internal diameter phototube.

microscope adapter for photo tube / assembly Sony Alpha on photo tube c-mount 1x

If the microscope doesn’t have a phototube, connection via the eyepiece tube is also possible: To attach the camera, one eyepiece is removed and the camera, together with the adapter unit, is inserted into the tube where the eyepiece was. The image quality is as good as that achieved using the phototube solution.

assembly Sony Alpha on eyepiece tube microscope

The Sony ZV-E10 is equipped with a high-quality APS-C sensor.

Camera features:

Sony’s ZV-E10 is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The camera (body only) is priced at around € 750 (as of October 2021). For its mid-tier price point, the ZV-E10 has a lot of great features to offer. At the heart of the camera is a 24 MP Sony image sensor in APS-C format with a wide dynamic range and high ISO sensitivity. The sensor resolution is perfectly adequate for standard microscopy tasks.

The camera’s fully articulating screen is another great feature. When working without a computer and with the camera attached to the microscope, the screen can be tilted to get the best view angle for the user. For stationary use in a laboratory or studio setting, we recommend controlling the camera remotely from the computer. With Sony’s Imaging Edge Desktop software, the camera can be comfortably controlled from the computer while looking at the Live View image on the monitor. The software provides control over the camera settings, and the ability to transfer photos directly to the computer significantly enhances workflow efficiency. The images can be viewed directly on the large computer screen and/or discussed by a team of several persons.

The ZV-E10 performs very well in video mode and supports high resolution UHD 4K video recording. For a particular wide dynamic range, the camera also includes the option to shoot 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) movies. It offers high-speed shooting capabilities with up to 120 frames per second in 4K mode, allowing for a 4x slow-motion effect. It also has a feature for creating time lapse videos with a speed of up to 60x.

The camera supports external power via a USB Type-C connector, either with a USB power supply in stationary use or with an external mobile battery power pack.

Sony offers a number of software communication tools for the ZV-E10, for both desktop and mobile devices. These tools, which can be downloaded from the Sony website, make working with a microscope considerably easier and are particularly beneficial for professional settings. The Sony website also lists minimum requirements and tested devices. Before installation, always make sure that your computer or mobile device meets the applicable requirements because these applications require very powerful processing capabilities!

Software communication tools:

Conclusion: Sony’s ZV-E10 is a versatile and well-performing camera with premium build quality and state-of-the-art camera technology. At about € 750, it is priced in the medium segment. The ZV-E10’s power reserves are sufficient for most microscopy applications. With our LM microscope adapters, the camera can be attached to almost any microscope. We are also able to provide custom-made solutions for special applications.

For more sophisticated requirements, Sony also offers even more powerful, full-frame sensor cameras whose larger sensor format translates into a greater dynamic range.

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