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Setting the parfocality:
How do I ensure that the image is in focus both in the eyepiece and on the camera at the same time?

Microscope adapter setting the parfocality

All LM DSLR adapters are equipped with an international standard C-mount connection. This C-mount connection has a flange focal length of 17.52 mm. The flange focal length describes the distance between the microscope’s C-mount connection and the camera’s sensor chip level. If the microscope that you are using also has an international standard C-mount connection thread, then the image will be in focus in both the eyepiece and on the camera display at the same time. If you notice a very large difference between the focus settings, please check the C-mount connection on your microscope. The C-mount connection must have a factor of 1x and may not have any inbuilt optics.
If you determine that this is not the case with your microscope, and it is not possible to refit it with a standard C-mount connection, then photographs can be taken using an ocular tube. For this purpose, one of your microscope’s eyepieces is removed and an LM digital adapter with tube connection is used instead.

focusable adapter solution for eyepiece tubes

If the difference in focus between the eyepiece and the camera display is wide, then we recommend to use a focusable LM DSLR Universaladapter.

If the difference in focus between the eyepiece and the camera display is only very small, then the following optimization options are available:

1. If you possess a microscope with focusable observation tubes, they can be used to align the focus. First bring the image into focus on the camera display, then look through the eyepiece and focus the image.

 difference between camera display and eyepiece parfocality
2. If your microscope is not equipped with focusable observation tubes, but does have eyepieces with dioptre adjustment, then the focus can be aligned using them. Bring the image into focus on the camera display, then look through your eyepiece and focus the image using the dioptre adjustment

dioptre adjustment microscopy

eyepiece with dioptre adjustment

Update: 15.07.2014

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