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PC remote control (Tethered Shooting) of the Nikon Coolpix digital camera in microscopy

Tips and tricks in microscopy: Presentation of the remote software snappixx (

This tool helps you to watch images in large format, to focus easily and then shoot a photo with a simple mouseclick. It also allows adjusting the perfect zoom position from the computer.

You just need a current TV card, a RS 232 cable (Nikon SC-EW3) and the software tool "Snappixx".

microscope remote software

By connecting the Nikon Coolpix with the computer via cable and TV card you get a moving realtime image on the computer monitor.

Snappixx Remotesoftware for Nikon DSLR

Connect the Nikon serial cable SC-EW3 with your digital camera and the computer. Snappixx allows controlling the camera from the computer via cable. You now can release the shutter from your computer as well as take image series with programmable intervals or zooming in and out from your PC.

From one single monitor it is thus possible to control all functions to take a microscope photo:

1. Focusing (a large monitor makes it easier to focus manually)
2. Zooming (absolutely important to eliminate vignetting)
3. Shutter releasing (eliminates unsharpness due to shaking the camera and so enhances the image quality)
4. Saving the built-in TFT monitor by using only the PC monitor

Video port Nikon DSLR

Side view of the Nikon Coolpix 4500

The USB port is also the RS232 port. Connect with the PC via Nikon Serial cable SC-EWR3.

Nikon cable SC-EWR3

Nikon serial cable SC-EW3 for RS 232, available where Nikon accessories are sold.

Screenshot Snappixx Remote software

Screenshoot of Snappixx

Snappixx microscope software

Connecting your digial camera to a computer via video output

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