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Cleaning and maintenance of LM DSLR adapters

Even with the most careful use of our LM digital adapters, it is possible that over time strange spots that were not previously visible appear in the same location in every image. Usually, this is because dust or dirt has gotten into the optical system.

dust on adapter solution leads to dots on the photo

The first step is to check the microscope and the camera sensor for any particles of debris. The easiest way to do this is by slightly rotating the optical components in the imaging path of the microscope while watching the camera screen. This way, specks of dirt or dust can be easily identified.


check if microscope or camera have any particles

In most cases, using a cleaning bellows is a simple and safe method to remove dirt particles from the lens and sensor.

Entfernung Staub mit Foto Blasebalg vom Adapter

Compressed air, if available, is even more efficient. Please note, however, that industrial compressors are not suitable. Compressed air that is free from oil and grease must be used, otherwise there is a risk that a film of grease will be applied together with the air. CO2 compressed air (oil-free) also works well for cleaning.

For cases where the methods described above fail to produce satisfactory results, we offer a cleaning service.

Do not use any kind of cleaning cloths or cotton swabs on the lens elements!

cleaning cloths or cotton swabs forbidden

Our products have a special surface coating that can easily be damaged. The image below shows an adapter that has had the surface coating scrubbed off due to incorrect cleaning.

damaged surface coating adapter solution

Using improper cleaning materials also bears the risk of spreading even more dust and textile fibres onto the lenses. Therefore, you should never open the adapter and try to clean it yourself! The adapter cleanings in our lab are performed under clean-room conditions.

If the cleaning hints described above do not yield the desired results, please send us the adapter for a service check-up. We dismantle it under clean-room conditions to check it. All lens elements are examined and cleaned. If necessary we will replace the lens facing the microscope completely. This service is included in the service price. Please contact us, if you are interested in such a service. When sending your adapter from outside the EU, please ensure that the package is clearly labelled “Return/Repair” in order to avoid additional import duties. Please send the parcel with normal post as a "Priority Parcel". Furthermore we have to point out that returns from non-EU member states have to be sent exclusively via postal service and that we do not accept returns without stamps.

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