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Add state-of-the-art digital cameras to the Motic BA410E laboratory microscope

Superior image quality thanks to LM adapter solutions and high-resolution cameras

The BA410E is the flagship of Motic’s line of upright laboratory microscopes. Besides offering an excellent price-performance ratio, Motic microscopes are very well built and come with high-quality optics. In terms of quality, the BA410E is miles above the “low cost” models offered by competitor brands.

Differently configured models are available, ranging in price from around € 3,500 to € 12,000 (as of 2024). A high-quality lens set with plan apochromatic objective lenses is also available, which is a definite plus, because top-quality lenses are vital to capturing flawless images.

Our LM microscope adapters, incorporating integrated precision optics, enable an extensive range of digital cameras, such as C-mount microscope cameras, C-mount industrial cameras, high-speed cameras, conventional DSLR cameras, mirrorless system cameras and hybrid cameras, to be attached to the microscope. Our LM microscope adapters are quality products, developed and manufactured in Austria. Their superior workmanship and design facilitates the best possible image quality.

Motic BA410 laboratory microscope microscope adapter sensor quality hematology cytology histology pathology

Key specifications and characteristics of the BA410E:

Because it features a modular design, the Motic BA410 can be used for the following transmitted light techniques: brightfield, darkfield, fluorescence and polarisation. Depending on the configuration, the microscope weighs around 15 kg. It is widely used in universities, laboratories and clinics for haematology, cytology, histology and pathology tasks. In addition to the binocular tube with a 30 degree viewing angle, a trinocular tube with a 45 degree viewing angle and an adjustable interpupillary distance of 50 to 75 mm is also available, which is ideal for photomicrography. Illumination options include 50W Koehler halogen lamps with intensity control, 100W halogen lamps (for multi-viewing systems) and a 100W mercury lamp house for fluorescence applications.

The reverse-facing sextuple nosepiece accommodates the RMS-threaded objectives. The “light memory” function of the BA410E memorises the light intensity setting for each nosepiece position. When changing to a specific objective, the last illumination setup of this position is recalled. 

The CCIS optical system developed by Motic is designed to achieve improved light transmission and resolution and better colour reproduction.

The following sets of objective lenses are available:
  • Plan Apochromat (4x/0.15 – 100x/1.30 oil) 
  • Plan Achromat (2x/0.05 – 100x/1.25 oil) 
  • Plan Fluar (4x/0.13 – 100x/1.30 oil) 
  • Plan Achromat +/- Phase (10x/0.25 – 100x/1.25 oil)

For creating high-quality microscope images, the trinocular head version is the preferred choice. The camera can be permanently attached to the phototube using our LM microscope adapter. Depending on the camera model, sensor size and area of application, we can offer a wide range of adapter solutions.

LM microscope adapter for photo tube and eyepiece tube

Universal LM adapter for C-mount 1x and eyepiece tube 23.2 mm and 30 mm ID with digital camera

If your microscope doesn’t have a photo port or if you would like to attach an additional camera to your microscope, we also offer adapter solutions for eyepiece tubes.

Eyepiece camera: LM adapter solution for the eyepiece tube for 23.2 or 30 mm inner diameter

To attach the camera, one eyepiece is removed and the camera, together with the adapter unit, is inserted into the tube where the eyepiece was. The image quality achieved with this method is also very good. Because our adapters feature a sturdy, mechanically robust design, they are also capable of bearing the weight of heavier cameras.

For more information on making a camera selection, please refer to the page with our current camera recommendations. We are also happy to provide personalised advice, so please do not hesitate to contact us

Conclusion: The Motic BA410E offers a very good price-performance ratio. With our LM microscope adapters, a wide range of digital cameras can be attached to this microscope in a few quick and easy steps. Should the budget allow, we recommend opting for plan apochromatic objectives. If image quality is a priority, which is obviously the case when using a powerful digital camera, high-quality objectives should always be the first choice to ensure the highest standard of image quality.



Fitting the microscope to digital single-lens reflex (DSLR), mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras (MILC ), digital single-lens mirrorless (DSLM) or C-mount cameras is easy with our LM digital SLR adapters, which feature a plan achromatic optical system. Our products make it possible to capture top-quality microscope images. To help you select the adapter that is right for your camera, we have set up an online configurator on our website. You can also email us – ideally with attached photographs of your microscope.

Modern DSLR and single-lens mirrorless (DSLM) offer the latest technology and are generally very well suited for microscopy applications. Most of them can be controlled remotely via PC/Mac. Because of their high sales volumes, they offer an excellent price/performance ratio compared to special-purpose microscope cameras.

Features of top DSLR and single-lens mirrorless cameras (DSLM):
- Large, powerful full-frame sensors (36 x 24 mm)
- Sensor resolution of 61 megapixels or 240 megapixels with Pixel Shift technology
- High light sensitivity (ISO 400,000+)
- Extensive dynamic range (up to 15 aperture stops/f-stops)
- Short exposure times (1/8000 second) up to 1/32,000 seconds using the digital shutter
- 4K Ultra HD  or 8K Ultra HD video function
- Live video capture on external monitors in ultra HD quality

In most cases, these cameras are significantly more powerful than microscope cameras with smaller sensors (1/2" or 2/3"). On our website you will find our current camera recommendations and a camera ranking which is specifically tailored to microscopy applications.

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LM Digital SLR Adapter with special hard anti-reflection coating, plan achromatic optics for Motic phototubes with an inner diameter of 38 mm, inclusive Camera Lens Mount Adapter

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