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LM microscope adapters standard connections

To connect our LM digital adapters with a microscope, a standard connection is needed, such as i.e. a tube with 23.2mm / 30mm or a C-mount thread with an optical factor 1x (no built-in optics, 25.4 mm outside diameter).

microscope standard camera connection is needed, such as i.e. a tube with 23.2mm / 30mm or a C-mount thread with an optical factor 1x (no built-in optics, 25.4 mm outside diameter).

Usually a standard connection is part of the basic configuration of a trinocular microscope. This standardized tube connection is used as the base for the LM digital adapter with its plan acromatic optical system. Please check if you already have this tube. In case your microscope does not have a tube with 23,2 mm (as shown in photo A) nor a c-mount port with optical factor of 1x (as shown in photo B), this standard connection needs to be provided. In some cases, these connections are provided as accessories by the microscope's manufacturer. 

In order to check if the existing c-mount port has a built-in optics, please unscrew it from your photo tube. If you can push through a pen, you already have the required c-mount port 1x which is needed to mount a LM digital adapter. If the c-mount port already contains a lens, it should be replaced by a c-mount port without built-in optics in order to guarantee a perfect image quality.

C-Mount 1x


In some cases the c-mount port 1x is not provided by the microscope manufacturer. However, we also offer this C-Mount connection for the common microscope brands (Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss, Leica, Wild etc.). If there is no ready-made solution offered for your microscope, we can custom make it for you. In case of interest please send us your microscope without tripod, so we can submit you a quote. We need aprox. 5 working days to measure your microscope. The price for this kind of custom solution will range between € 900,00 and € 1.500,00, depending on the specifications of the LM digital adapter and the required accessories.

microscope with fotoport 23,2 mm, innerdiameter, camera adapter

Another option which will work with every microscope is to mount the camera onto the eyepiece tube of your microscope. This solution is quite flexible as you can use the adapter very easily on other microscopes as well.

eyepiece tube adapter  microscope.

Our eyepiece adapter also provides the possibility to be connected with the microscope's c-mount port by using a c-mount extension.

Ordering code Product description Price
LM C-Mount extension CMount LM C-Mount extension for using a LM digital adapter for 23.2mm eyepiece tube on a microscope with photo tube and C-Mount connection 
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