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2x magnification module for LM microscope adapters, macroscopes and photomicroscopes

Double total magnification with consistently high image quality

Magnification module 2x for LM microscope adapter, macroscope and photo microscopes

The LM 2x magnification module is used when the magnification of the microscope or conventional adapter falls short. The total magnification of the optical system is doubled, resulting in a commensurate reduction of the field of view.


Total magnification

Total magnification with 2x module
40x 80x
100x 200x
400x 800x


Example to illustrate the comparative field sizes: The smaller rectangle in the centre of the image represents the field size when using the 2x magnification module. This area fills the entire frame in the image.

Magnification module 2x: image field size comparison with LM magnification module 2x

The module is placed between the main adapter and the bayonet adapter and is equipped with plan achromatic precision optics. It has an M42 thread on both sides.

The LM 2x magnification module is compatible with a wide range of LMscope adapter solutions. It can be used with SLR cameras, mirrorless system cameras and C-mount cameras.

LM microscope adapter with 2x magnification module

The LM 2x magnification module can also be used with our photomicroscopes and macroscopes, where it is also mounted directly below the bayonet adapter.

LM macroscope lens unit with magnification module 2x

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