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Add powerful modern digital cameras to the versatile Olympus SZX7 zoom stereo microscope

With its infinity-corrected Galilean optical system, the Olympus SZX7 zoom stereo microscope is ideally suited for photomicrographic purposes, especially when combined with modern digital cameras. The Abbe/Galilean optical system uses two separate optical paths and a single, large-diameter objective lens, through which both the left and right channels view the specimen. Stereomicroscopes with this type of optical design produce a plastic, three-dimensional image and are widely used in research, development and education.

 Olympus SZX7 stereo microscope with photo tube

Microscope features: 

The SZX7 also features a built-in click-stop mechanism, allowing users to recall specific magnification settings. With a range of objective lenses and eyepieces available (30 mm standard inner diameter), total magnifications from 8x to 112x can be achieved. The microscope supports the following observation methods: brightfield, darkfield, simple polarised light, oblique light and fluorescence. The basic version features LED illumination. The long working distance of up to 171 mm provides sufficient space for large specimens. 

For photography purposes, Olympus recommends using Olympus’s DP series C-mount cameras along with the Olympus cellSens software.

As an alternative, modern digital SLR and mirrorless system cameras can also be attached to the microscope using our LM adapter solutions. These powerful cameras are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, featuring much larger, more powerful and light-sensitive sensors that deliver high-quality images. A high number of pixels is also a plus, especially at lower magnifications. Additionally, these cameras can be conveniently controlled from a computer and connected to a large monitor with an HDMI cable. 

For illustration purposes, the diagram below showcases two LM adapter solutions: the LM universal adapter on the left, which offers flexible compatibility with multiple microscopes and can be attached to the SZX7 using a C-mount adapter, and the direct adapter specifically designed for the SZX7 on the right. 

C-mount microscope adapter, digital camera mounting DSLR, DSLM on Olympus SZX2-TR30 photo tube The best digital cameras on the Olympus SZX7 stereo microscope

In addition to the common trinocular tubes SZX-TR30/SZX2-TR30 and SZX2-TTR, Olympus also offers the ergonomic SZX2-LTTR tube, a special option that allows tilting and has a streamlined build, featuring an advanced ergonomic design. To further enhance ergonomics, Olympus also offers an extendable eyepoint adjuster as an addition to the SZX2-LTTR, allowing for individual height adjustment. Users can adjust the tilting tube angle from 5 to 45 degrees. The tube has an internal magnification of 1.25x. 

To attach cameras to the photo port of the ergo tube (SZX2-LTTR), the original intermediate tube (SZX2-LTTRAD) is required in addition to our LM microscope adapters. We offer different adapter solutions depending on the specific customer requirements (desired compatibility with other microscopes, area of application, etc.), as shown in the diagram below.

Microscope adapter, the best digital cameras with different adapter variants on the Olympus SZX2-LTTR trinotube

Conclusion: The Olympus SZX7, with its Galilean optical design, is an excellent choice for microscopy. With our LM adapter solutions, the different phototubes can be connected to modern digital cameras in a few easy steps. For more information on making a camera selection, see the following info page.