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Motorized z-axis microscope stage: Attaching the Cognisys StackShot focusing rail to use the LM macro stand for focus stacking

The LM macro stand is equipped with a highly stable profile column (length: 500 mm) and a rack and pinion mechanism for precise height adjustment. With this combination of manual and motorised adjustment options, users can effortlessly and precisely modify the settings to accommodate a variety of specimens.

 LM tripod 6 macro tripod for macroscope photo microscope

To simplify the process of attaching the motorized StackShot focusing rail to the stage, a mounting plate with an M8 thread is available as an accessory part, which allows for an easy and hassle-free connection.

Image below: mounting plate

Mounting plate for Stackshot carriage motorized focus stacking on the LM tripod

The following instructions provide a step-by-step guide for assembly:

1) Place the LM mounting plate against the stage.

 Mounting the Stackshot carriage on the LM macro tripod: Fixing the mounting plate on the LM macro stand 6

2) Use the Allen key that comes with the plate to firmly secure the mounting plate in place.

Mounting the Stackshot rail on the LM macro tripod: Fix the Mon_Stackshot Allen key

3) Position the StackShot focusing rail onto the screw and ensure proper alignment. You may need to manually rotate the threaded rod to move the rail upwards for accommodating the washer and M8 nut.

Mounting the Stackshot slide on the LM macro stand: Motorized microscope tripod in the Z axis

4) Firmly secure the focusing rail in place with the washer and nut that come with the mounting plate. 

Motorized microscope stand in Z-axis: fixing stackshot rail

5) If needed, use a small spirit level to achieve optimal vertical alignment of the focusing rail.

Mounting the Stackshot rail on the LM macro tripod: Aligning the Stackshot carriage

6) Use a size 13 wrench to firmly tighten the fastening nut.

Fix Stackhsot carriage rail

7) Insert the mounting bolt from the back.

Mounting the Stackshot slide on the LM macro tripod: Stackshot slide fixing screw

8) Attach the camera body to the mounting bolt of the focusing rail using the fastening thread.

Mount DSLR / DSLM system camera on motorized Stackshot rail

9) Attach the macroscope lens/microscope lens to the camera.

Assembly: LM macroscope lens attached to camera body, StackShot focusing rail, motorized z-axis microscope stage

Optional: Once the rail-camera-lens unit is fully assembled, it can be rotated to achieve different viewing angles.

Before initiating the rotation, you need to loosen the M8 fastening screw and then firmly tighten it again after the rotation is complete.

Rotatable: Photo microscope macroscope option rotate viewing angle