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LM C-mount adapter 0.5x for attaching C-mount cameras to Zeiss microscopes with a 30 mm internal diameter phototube

Equip Zeiss microscope with photo tube 30mm inner diameter with C-mount cameras

With our LM C-mount adapter solution, which is equipped with built-in precision optics, modern C-mount cameras can be used with Zeiss microscopes with a 30 mm internal diameter phototube without any limitations. The adapter has a precision optical system with strong light gathering power and an optical factor of 0.5x for optimising the field of view. We recommend cameras with a sensor size of about 1/2" when using this adapter solution, because this gives a large field of view without vignetting. 

Sensor type Sensor width (mm) Sensor height (mm)
1/2.7'' 5,3 4
1/2.5'' 5,7 4,2
1/2.3'' 6,16 4,6
1/2'' 6,4 4,8
1/1.8'' 7,1 5,3
1/1.7'' 7,6 5,7

The adapter solution is compatible with many classic Zeiss infinity microscopes, such as those listed below:

Axiolab Axiovert 135
Axioplan 2 Axiovert 135 M
Axioskop 2 MOT Axiovert 200
Axioskop 2 Plus Axiovert 200 für Auflicht-Floureszenz
Axioskop 2 FS MOT Axiovert 200 M
Axioskop 2 FS Plus Axiovert 200 M für Auflicht-Floureszenz
Axioskop 40 Axiovert 200 M MAT
Axioskop 40 A Pol Axiovert 200 MAT
Axioskop 40 FL PALM CombiSystem
Axioskop 40 Pol PALM MicroBeam
Axiostar plus PALM MicroTweezers
Axiostar plus FL Stemi 2000 C
Axiotech Stemi 2000 C für KS ELISPOT
Axiotech vario Stemi 2000 CS
Axiovert 100 Stemi SV 6
Axiovert S 100 Stemi SV 11
Axiovert 100 A Stemi SV 11 Apo

As a rule, these microscopes are already equipped with infinity-corrected optics and are therefore ideally suited for use with modern cameras.

Zeiss microscope with photo tube 30mm inner diameter, with infinity optics

LM C-mount adapter – overview of key features:

LM C-mount adapter 0.5x for Zeiss microscopes, camera adapter, microscope attachment, C-mount

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LM C-Mount adapter magnification factor of 0.5x for Zeiss phototube with 30mm inner diameter. Special hard anti-reflection plan achromatic coating optic

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