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Canon PowerShot S80 in Microscopy
  • 8 8 megapixels
  • Video streaming via the USB 2.0 hi-speed interface
  • Remote control via computer possible using the USB 2.0 hi-speed interface (Tethered Shooting)
  • LM digital adapter for Canon PowerShot S80

With 8 megapixels and a video live streaming function, the Canon PowerShot S80 is well suited for microscopy. Only a few digital compact cameras provide the option of controlling the camera remotely via the USB cable and also viewing a motion image on the computer monitor. The objects being viewed can be monitored perfectly on the computer. Once you have found the desired details and have used the micrometer screw on the microscope to focus the image, you just need to use the mouse to click on the “Capture” button and the photo is sent to the computer’s hard drive. Using the computer eliminates many laborious procedures, which makes it possible to work quickly and efficiently. When capturing an image manually, camera shakes often cause blurring or fuzziness. Using the computer, by contrast, is comfortable and increases the picture quality. Immediately after the capture, the photo is transferred to the computer through the USB 2.0 hi-speed interface. The picture quality can be immediately be assessed in full resolution (8 megapixels) using the Canon “ZoomBrowser EX (Windows)” software. The lengthy process of transferring digital photos from the memory card to the computer is no longer necessary at all. In the case of video streaming via the USB 2.0 hi-speed interface, the live view is transferred directly to the computer. No additional hardware, such as Framegrabber, or TV card is needed. The Canon PowerShot S80 turns into a type of hi-end webcam.The ZoomBrowserEX that comes with the camera is a handy image viewer tool and complements the Canon PowerShot S80 with a multitude of functions.


The digital camera must first be connected to the USB cable and the computer.

When the camera is switched on, a dialog box opens and the following message appears:

Once you have selected the remote capture window, click on “Start Remote Capture”.

The program asks you to specify the folder in which the photos are to be stored.

Once you have selected the folder, in which the photos are to be stored, the “RemoteCaptureTask” window is displayed. In this window, you can see the live view. The Canon PowerShot S80 is operated in a “webcam mode” and the preview image is sent via the USB interface.

The digital camera’s zoom lens can be controlled using the computer mouse. The computer program can also be used to adjust many other camera settings.

If you have set everything up correctly, then one click on the “Capture” button is sufficient to immediately save the photo on the hard drive.

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