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Camera recommendation for microscopy application
LM photo microscopes: the flexible photography solution for large sensor cameras!
LM DSLR macroscope 16x: Professional photographic documentation for a bargain price
LM DSLR macroscope Overview: Professional photographic documentation for a bargain price
LM Macroscope 32x: turn your digital SLR into a microscope / macroscope
Microscope or Macroscope Lighting: 2 IKEA-LED work lamps JANSJÖ for € 9.99 each
Focus stacking with our LM macroscopes and LM photo microscopes
Controlling cameras remotely via PC or Mac
Canon EOS 5DS – the twin sister of the Canon EOS 5DS R
The high-performance full-frame Canon EOS 5DS R camera on the microscope
Canon EOS Rebel T6i (750D) and Canon EOS Rebel T6s (760D) in microscopy
Canon Utility Software 3
Using a small slide lightbox for creating a transmitted illumination source in macroscopy
Microsocope recommendation
Producing professional photodocumentations with WILD M3, WILD M7,WILD M8 / WILD M10 stereomicroscopes with digital cameras
The Nikon D810 full frame camera in microscopy
The Canon EOS utility software via USB or LAN
Olympus Capture Softwore use in microscopy application
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 with 4k video recording
Canon EOS-1D X
fullframe camera Nikon D610 on the microscope
Microphotography with the fullframe sensor camera Nikon D4
Digital macro photography with “classic analogue lenses” at bargain prices
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Almost a classic- Canon EOS 1000D
Canon EOS 100D - how does the currently smallest DSLR perform on th microscope?
DSLR camera or special-purpose microscope cameras?
Which camera types are of interest for use in microscopy?
Time lapse shots with the Canon Utility software – using the timer function
Using a tablet (Toshiba runnin Windows 8.1.) for photomicrography
Tethering software Sony
dynamic range and it's influence on image quality
Improving the quality of your microscope images
Are normal stereo microscopes suitable for high-quality photographic documentation?
A useful item – battery adapters for DSLR cameras
The camera shutter - In photography, a shutter is used to control exposure time. It has a significant influence on image quality.
PC remote control of the Nikon Coolpix digital camera in microscopy
In microscopy, digital SLR cameras are the better video cameras!
C-Mount: Depending on the size of the CCD chips there are being offered different C-Mount lenses like e.g. C-Mount Adapter 1x, C-Mount Adapter 0,63x, C-Mount Adapter 0,50x or
Universal adapter range for all Zeiss microscopes with 30 mm internal diameter photo tubes (Interface 60 and Interface P95)
Sensor sensitivity (ISO) in digital cameras
C-mount interface and microscope adapter, coupler for Zeiss microscopes with phototube 30 mm internal diameter (Interface 60)
Photographing through a microscope eyepiece
Sensor heating in Nikon DSLR cameras in Live View mode
Live video streaming and video capture with a mobile computer (notebook)
Testing report: Nikon D7000 in microscopy applications
Nikon D7100 on the microscope
Practical Test: Nikon D800
The Sony Alpha 7R on the microscope with the tried and tested LM digital adapters
Improved picture quality through mirror lock-up in SLR cameras
Canon EOS remote app: operating EOS cameras by remote control via iPad and smartphone
Testing report: Nikon Camera Control Pro2
Controlling Olympus digital SLR cameras from your PC with the OLYMPUS Studio 2 software
Connecting a digital camera to a computer via video output

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Ancillary optical systems: Open up the ultra-close range with the LM macro 40 and the LM macro 80 lenses!

The two LM macro 40 and LM macro 80 ancillary lenses offer a successful, value-for-money option for starting to explore the world of micro-organisms. They are an excellent enhancement for objective lens models (fixed focal length and zoom) ranging from 50 to 90 mm in diameter. In particular, due to its small size and low weight, the LM macro 80 is ideally suited for outdoor use.

The LM macro 40 has a focal length of 40 mm, and the LM macro 80 has a focal length of 80 mm. Depending on the size of the camera sensor and the focal length of the lens, it is possible to achieve a magnification ratio of up to 2:1. This corresponds to a 12x microscope magnification.

Lenses with a maximum focal length of 120 mm and smaller front lens diameters (max. 62 mm) have proven to work best. If this limit is exceeded, there may be a reduction in image quality.

Due to the large magnification scale we recommend that you use a stable stand with rack and pinion, such as our LM Makrostativ3. Using the fine focus adjustment of the macro stand, the focal planes can be adjusted precisely, which in turn yields high-quality macro images. The minimum working distance is only 25 mm with the LM macro 40 and 60 mm with the LM macro 80. This makes it possible to achieve a very good contrast and detail resolution capability, which outperforms even much more expensive stereo microscopes. As a result, even large-scale biological or histological slides can be reproduced without having to use a microscope.

Taking images freehand (without using a stand) with the LM macro 40  is only possible in exceptional cases. The LM macro 80, however, enables freehand image capture up to a magnification ratio of 1.5:1 and at good lighting conditions. 

It is also possible to combine two LM macro 80 ancillary lenses. In terms of optics, this corresponds to an LM macro 40 lens. The advantage of this option is that it allows for a large degree of flexibility.

All of the camera’s functions such as exposure, zoom and automatic aperture control remain unchanged and can still be used. Both LM macro lenses (40x and 80x) are high-performance tools consisting of two/four hard-coated lenses. This plan achromatic lens design, which is sophisticated for ancillary lenses, produces macro images with excellent detail focus. This extremely high quality of image definition makes it possible to work with both large microscopic specimens and macroscopic objects.

Our macro lenses are not mass produced goods from the Far East, but hand-finished in Austria using the most up-to-date production methods. As we place a great deal of value on high quality standards and durability, we do not use cheap plastic materials, but instead exclusively use CNC machined aircraft-grade aluminium or brass parts and optical components of the highest quality.

The LM macro lenses (40x and 80x) come with a 37 mm connecting thread. An additional connecting adapter is generally required for attaching the lens to the filter thread of the master lens. If, for example, the master lens has a filter thread of 58 mm, then you will need a step-down ring from 58 mm to 37 mm (STR5837).  We carry adapters that fit the most common sizes.

Für die gängigsten Maße bieten wir die passenden Adapter an.



LM DSLR Macro Lens Workshop

Demo pictures taken with  LM DSLR macro lens


Ordering codeProduct descriptionPricePriceAvailable
DMLDSLR40LM Macro 40 - close-up lens 40mm (37mm thread)

Data Sheet0
Operating Instructions1
Euro 470,--
US $ 507.6
For EU (European Union) VAT (IVA, TVA) not included

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High-end intermediate optics for connecting microscopes to:
  • digital SLR cameras
  • digital mirrorless system cameras with an interchangeable lens mount
  • c-mount-, USB- and firewire cameras
  • digital compact cameras and camcorders
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Which digital camera works best on a microscope?
LM Makroskop 16x Convert your digital SLR camera into a professional microscope
Special mounting media  for microscopy

Tips and tricks to connect your digital camera and to process digital images


 Demo Pictures

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