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Camera recommendation for microscopy application
Online configurator: LM microscope adapter for all digital cameras and microscopes
LM DSLR macroscope Overview: Professional photographic documentation for a bargain price
LM photo microscopes: the flexible photography solution for large sensor cameras!
Almost a classic- Canon EOS 1000D
Canon EOS 100D - how does the currently smallest DSLR perform on th microscope?
Improving the quality of your microscope images
Sony NEX mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras: Sony NEX-5 and Sony NEX-3 in microscopy
Using the Canon EOS 700D (Canon Rebel T5i) for photgraphic work on the microscope
Canon Rebel T4i (EOS 650D) in a practical test
Canon EOS 70D on the microscope / laboratory microscope / stereomicroscope
Test report - Canon EOS 60D
Testing report: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Canon EOS 5D Mark II on the microscope
The Nikon D5300, the latest version of the entry-level camera, on the microscope
Testing report: Nikon D7000 in microscopy applications
Nikon D7100 on the microscope
Practical Test: Nikon D800
The Nikon D810 full frame camera in microscopy
Improved picture quality through mirror lock-up in SLR cameras
Explanation: Digital Camera Microscope Rating
Testing report: Nikon Camera Control Pro2
Canon Rebel T3i (EOS 600D) impresses at the microscope: Easy installation via eyepiece tube or phototube with the LM microscope adapter
Controlling Olympus digital SLR cameras from your PC with the OLYMPUS Studio 2 software
Digital photographic documentation with the Euromex Novex RZ series stereo zoom microscope
LMscope has developed an innovative LM filter adapter for using compact cameras in microscopy. Using the filter adapter makes it possible to connect almost every existing and future compact camera
Sensor heating in Nikon DSLR cameras in Live View mode
BX series Olympus microscopes
DSLR camera or special-purpose microscope cameras?
Macro Close-Up Lens: LM Macro lens 40/80 with plan achromatic optics
Professional photo documentation using a digital SLR camera made easy with the Zeiss OPMI
Microscope photography with the Nikon SMZ1500 stereoscopic zoom microscope
C-Mount Interface and microscope adapter,coupler for Leica microscopes with phototube 35 mm ID
C-Mount Interface and microscope adapter,coupler for Olympus Microscopes from the BH, BHS and BHT series with trinocular tubes
Producing professional photodocumentations with WILD M3, WILD M7,WILD M8 / WILD M10 stereomicroscopes with digital cameras
The Olympus SZ61 stereo microscope with the LM digital adapter and digital SLR camera
How well suited are the Nikon SMZ745 and SMZ745T stereomicroscopes for photomicroscopy
Digital Consumer cameras in microscopy
LM Microscope Adapter, Microscope coupler , Relay Lens
Special mounting medium for microscopy, non toxic,water solved,light hardening,fast solidifying and drying,neutraldoes not make air bubbles,high optical solution,color protecting,solvent free,high refractive index
C-Mount Interface and microscope adapter,coupler for Olympus microscopes with phototube 42 mm ID
LM Macroscope 32x: turn your digital SLR into a microscope / macroscope
LM DSLR macroscope 16x: Professional photographic documentation for a bargain price
digital photography using the Nikon Alphaphot 2 microscope
Canon EOS remote app: operating EOS cameras by remote control via iPad and smartphone
Live video streaming and video capture with a mobile computer (notebook)
The Canon EOS utility software via USB or LAN
Connecting a digital camera to a computer via video output

1Canon EOS 1D X 59500 Camera reviewdetails ...
1Nikon D4s 59500 details ...
1Nikon D750 59500 details ...
2Nikon D4 57500 Camera reviewdetails ...
2Canon EOS 6D 57500 Camera reviewdetails ...
2Canon EOS 70D 57500 Camera reviewdetails ...
2Nikon Df 57500 Camera reviewdetails ...
2Nikon D810 57500 details ...
3Nikon DS-Qi2 (Microscope Camera) 56500 details ...
4Canon EOS 60D 55500 Camera reviewdetails ...
4Nikon D800 55500 Camera reviewdetails ...
4Nikon D800E 55500 details ...
4Nikon D600 55500 details ...
4Nikon D610 55500 Camera reviewdetails ...
5Nikon DS-Ri2 (Microscope Camera) 54500 details ...
6Canon EOS 5D Mark III 53500 Camera reviewdetails ...
6Nikon D5300 (with automatic exposure chip ) 53500 Camera reviewdetails ...
6Nikon D5500 (with automatic exposure chip ) 53500 details ...
7Canon EOS 1D Mark IV 51500 details ...
7Canon EOS 600D / Rebel T3i 51500 Camera reviewdetails ...
7Canon EOS 60Da for astrophotography 51500 details ...
7Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i 51500 Camera reviewdetails ...
7Canon EOS 700D / Rebel T5i 51500 Camera reviewdetails ...
7Canon EOS 7D Mark II 51500 details ...
7Canon EOS 750D / Rebel T6i 51500 details ...

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High-end intermediate optics for connecting microscopes to:
  • digital SLR cameras
  • digital mirrorless system cameras with an interchangeable lens mount
  • c-mount-, USB- and firewire cameras
  • digital compact cameras and camcorders
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Which digital camera functions best on a microscope?
LM Makroskop 16x Convert your digital SLR camera into a professional microscope
Special mounting media  for microscopy

Tips and tricks to connect your digital camera and to process digital images

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