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Un resumen de los adaptadores LM para su uso en microscopía

Ofrecemos soluciones de adaptadores digital LM para los siguientes microscopios

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El macroscopio LM 24 x (15 x y 11 x) para la técnica de apilado o focus stacking: resolución máxima sin compromiso.
El macroscopio LM 9 x (5 x y 3 x) para la técnica de apilado o focus stacking: resolución máxima sin compromiso
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Explaining the world to children – with the Breukhoven BMS 76420 entry-level/students’ microscope for around € 160.

It doesn’t take much to stimulate the interest of children in microscopy: a cheap, easy to operate microscope, some exciting specimens and a patient adult. It is also very simple to attach a digital camera (SLR, system or USB camera) to discuss specimens in groups such as school classes.


A good example of a suitable microscope is the Breukhoven BMS 76420 – a stereo microscope in the lower price category (approx. € 160) which, however, has good optical qualities. The build quality is satisfactory and it even offers two different magnifications (20x and 40x). Anyone needing more variability and a stronger optical performance (200x lens) should consider the Euromex Novex Zoom RZ, which is available for around € 800.

Transmitted light and incident light are available for illumination purposes.

The specimen stage has enough room for smaller objects (in this image a bee’s leg), but to view larger specimens, the stand column would need to be slightly longer.

The external diameter of the eyepiece differs somewhat from the standard measurement (30 mm). One eyepiece can be removed:

This makes it possible to attach a camera, so as to show the children the specimens on a monitor or even a projector screen. Especially during lessons, this is a very convenient feature, since all students will be able to see the specimens irrespective of whether there is a microscope available for them or not.


In the left-hand image we have attached a Canon EOS 650D to the microscope using an LM DSLRCT digital adapter and a TUST30.5S.

The right-hand image shows the adapter solution for a USB camera (sensor size: 2/3”). For this, an LM RelayLens07T and a TUST30.5S are required.

We have taken a few sample images with the Breukhoven BMS and a Canon EOS 650D:

Leaf veins:

Computer chip, circuit board or strip conductors:


Coarse sand from our last holiday:


Eyes of a dead spider:


Differences to higher priced microscopes:


Considering the price, the optical characteristics of the Breukhoven BMS 76240 are more than adequate. Thanks to its ease of use (only two magnifications) it is especially well suited for children. The instrument is certainly an option for primary school students. The magnifications are sufficient to show the children exciting details of interesting specimens.


Nuevo adaptador digital LM para:

Nikon D850 / Sony Alpha 7III / Sony Alpha 9 / Nikon D5 / Sony Alpha 7S II / Sony Alpha 7R II / Sony Alpha 7R III / Sony Alpha 7S / Canon EOS 5D Mark IV / Nikon D750 / Canon EOS 6D Mark II / Sony Alpha 6300 / Sony Alpha 6500 / Nikon D500 / Canon EOS 1D X / Nikon D810 / Nikon D4s / Nikon D800 / Nikon D800E / Nikon D4 / Nikon Df / Nikon D610 / Nikon D600 / Canon EOS 6D / Canon EOS 5DS R ( without low-pass filter) / Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II / Canon EOS 80D / Canon EOS 5DS / Sony Alpha 77 II / Canon EOS 70D / Nikon D7200 /

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Óptica intermediaria de alta calidad para conectar un microscopio con:

  • cámaras réflex digitales
  • cámaras de sistema sin espejo con objetivo intercambiable
  • cámaras de vídeo c-mount (montura c)-, USB- y Firewire
  • cámaras digitales compactas y camcorders

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