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Canon’s EOS R5 full-frame professional mirrorless camera with impressive 8K video recording on the microscope

In spring 2020, Canon announced that the company was developing the first of a new generation of mirrorless system cameras: the EOS R5, the new flagship model in the EOS R line, with an expected release date in July 2020. With its headline feature, 8K video recording at up to 30fps, the Canon EOS R5 is set to deliver exciting new creative possibilities which, so far, have been the premise of expensive professional cinema cameras, such as those made by RED (RED DSMC2 BRAIN HELIUM 8K S35), one of the leading players in this segment. A single image in 8K video mode has a resolution of about 40 megapixels. In microscopy, this high resolution is a particular advantage for imaging at low magnifications. Possible areas of application for the EOS R5 include video recordings of surgical microscope observations in the medical field, or talks and presentations where the live image is transmitted to high-resolution 8K monitors.

Key specs and features:
8K/30p video
45 MP full-frame sensor
High-speed continuous shooting at 20 fps when using the silent shutter and 12 fps when using the mechanical shutter
In-body image stabilisation

Canon EOS R5 DSLM adapter solution for microscopy use with planachromatic optical high quality

The resolution of the full-frame sensor will be in the region of 45 megapixels in single-shot mode. For professional use, the EOS R5 will have built-in Wi-Fi, and it will also support automatic upload full-quality stills and videos to the cloud when connected to Wi-Fi.

Equipped with a fully-articulated screen, the EOS R5 is the first Canon camera to come with in-body image stabilisation, which means that image stabilisation is finally possible independently of the lens.

Canon EOS R5 system camera fullframe sensor micrography

Another great feature of the camera: the new Canon RF-mount.

top microscope camer: Canon EOS R5 eyepiece tube solution for microscope, eyepiece adapter
Symbolic photo

Canon EOS R5 adapter solution photo tube microscope

Symbolic photo

We offer adapter solutions that work on phototubes as well as eyepiece tubes. If requested, we can also supply customer-specific adapter solutions.

microscope widefield adapter solution for Canon EOS RF mount for eyepiece tube

microscope widefield adapter solution for Canon EOS RF mount to c-mount

Symbolic photo

Our LM microscope adapter solutions enable users to attach the EOS R5 to almost any microscope.

Conclusion: What we know about the Canon EOS R5 sounds very promising indeed – also when it comes to photographic work on the microscope. We are really excited to get our hands on it to see how it performs when we test it on a microscope, and we hope to publish a comprehensive test report soon.